Admissions Qualifications Policy

Dwight School Seoul seeks to ensure that all students admitted to our school comply with the Korean law requirements for admission into foreign schools. Dwight’s Admissions Qualification Policy outlines these requirements and outlines our internal procedures to ensure all students admitted to Dwight School Seoul are in full compliance with the law.

Qualification Requirements as set by Korean Law

In order to be admitted into a foreign school, the student, irrespective of his or her nationality (whether or not the student has or does not have a citizenship in a foreign country), must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. One or more of the student’s parents is a foreigner (has a passport from a country other than South Korea); or
  2. When the student is a Korean national, then he or she must have resided in a foreign country for a minimum of three years. A person who has dual nationalities including that of Korea (whether a parent or child) is deemed as Korean under Korean law.

Parents are required to submit a family registry proving relationship to student(s). Korea Exit/Entry Statements are also required to establish eligibility.

Compliance Procedures at Dwight School Seoul

Once a student has been accepted into Dwight School Seoul, all applications will undergo the following review procedure to ensure applicant’s qualifications are in compliance with Korean Law:

  1. All applications will be reviewed by our auditors to ensure applicants meet Korean law requirements.
  2. If any suspicions arise by our auditors, documents will be sent to Dwight’s legal team for review.
  3. Dwight School Seoul may consult with local authorities for them to review any questionable documents.
  4. If documents are deemed ineligible for admittance, students will receive a rejection notice.
  5. If a current student has been deemed ineligible through our internal audit systems, the parents will be asked to join us for an interview and given an opportunity to explain any discrepancies.
  6. If after the parent interview the school still deems a student is not eligible, the student will be asked to withdraw from the school.

Suspected Malpractice

Parents who have provided false or incorrect information on a student’s application form or transcripts are not eligible for refunds on tuition. Dwight School Seoul will report any form of malpractice to the local authorities.